Never Give Up

Suck It Up!, The Old Marine

I fell in love with another Marine the other day.
He’s 90.
I was going through a questionnaire with him
and his answers made me ask the question.
“Were you ever in the military sir?”
His gruff reply: “United States Marine Corps. China 1939.”
Our conversation just got better from there.
I noticed the uncompromising way he answered questions that was
polite and eloquent but unyielding.
“I’m not eating any gravy food. Just so you know.”
He reminded me of my father and yet even better.
There was one question we took a bet on and low and behold he won.
“We need to weigh you.”
“I weigh 148 lbs.”
“Was that before or after not eating the gravy food in the hospital?”
He looked sheepish as if I had caught him at something.
I thought sure I had won a little bit.
We went to weigh him.
He looks at me and grins, victorious.
I smile and concede the bet.
I told him I would help him shave before I left because no Marine would wear a beard like that.
He felt it thoughtfully and considered what I had said.
On the way back to his room his son that had witnessed my interview stopped me.
” I have to say that he seems to take to you. Where we were before there were, well, a few problems with him getting cantankerous, but with you he seems fine.”
I carefully replied that I kind of knew his type, growing up with my own father being a Marine.
“They aren’t often understood and for whatever reason, some never adapt well to civilian life.”

As I approached his room I could hear the electric shaver.
We carefully negotiated a few things and he paid me the best compliment I know.
“I believe you and I will get along just fine.”

I couldn’t go to sleep that night just thinking about him and knowing he
would be coming across people that didn’t understand him, that would try to
push him around and take things too far. I knew they wouldn’t understand.
Although I had tried to express my thoughts to his other caregivers they fell on deaf ears.
I’m still amazed that the world doesn’t plainly see the value and the tenacity of an old Marine.

What I admire the most and long for is the ability like no other of a Marine to never give up. They
will not quit. Sometimes they find different ways to go about things, and many times they carry a heavy burden.
No civilian will ever understand what it takes on a daily basis for a Marine to tolerate society in general.
They see weakness and complaining where there should be silent diligence.
They find few that meet their standards in honor, courage, and commitment and yet they would teach it to anyone if only one would ask.
Marines trudge on in life even though they would have rather stayed in the consistent and strategic life of the USMC.
They often barely tolerate their loved ones’ imperfections and are hard to live with but they would also die for them without hesitation.
Their perspective is limited at times but they are often intelligent. Marines accept nothing less than your 100% and would really prefer at least 110% effort.

The lesson to keep going even when the going gets tough has been lost on our current generation.
Instant gratification and all of the marketing to make things easier in life has taken over.
Nothing is supposed to be hard anymore.
We expect things to be handed to us and then thanked for taking them.
We want and we get.
There is no waiting patiently or striving to do better.
As a society we have given into our children, left our morals behind, and now we sheepishly face the future wondering what our fate will be.

No wonder Marines can’t tolerate us.

What we could learn from the old school Marines is so simple and yet increasingly hard to find is:

* Only lie to the enemy, no one else.
* Attention to detail and time is always important.
* Do it right the first time. Never be lazy.
* Follow through
* Do the right thing even if it won’t benefit you.
* Don’t tolerate drama. Just the facts will do.
* Raise your kids with values.
* Appreciate a good story
* Don’t be a candyass.
* Be a gentleman first, then a soldier if you have to.
* Always assess the situation first then go in.

I looked at this man who was 90. He was fading and yet I still saw the sparkle of the Marine that went to China all those years ago. He’s never had to make excuses or apologies for his life. He just trudges on.

*Update February 2015 RIP USMC PW.

Train as You FIght

Exercise and Training, Suck It Up!

“The battle is the ultimate test of training. To train as you will fight is the fundamental principle upon which all Marine Corps training is based. Therefore, all peacetime training must reflect battlefield requirements. All leaders are considered trainers and coaches, and they must ensure that individual Marines and units receive realistic training that simulates wartime conditions. Marines’ training should prepare them to perform their tasks and meet operational standards during the complex, stressful, and lethal situations they will encounter in war. If units and elements are to function together during combat, they should train together during peacetime exercises. The Marine Corps’ philosophy is to train well in peace so that it can fight well in war.”

This is one of the basic Marine Corps philosophies. It makes sense in life to train as you fight as well. By that I mean that so many people have the thinking that we go to school then to college, and finally to a job. We have this mindset that you won’t have to continue learning, exercising, or improving. We can just sit back and relax. Unfortunately what you get is a great number of overweight, out of shape, numbed out, middle aged workers that suddenly wake up one morning and wonder how they became so mediocre, leading a rather dull life.

Train as You Live

Instead of following that traditional mindset follow the Marine philosophy like this:

PT Every Day
In order to stay healthy and ready for anything you need to exercise. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Get up early enough every morning to do your basic calisthenics of sit-ups, push-ups, leg lifts, jumping jacks, stretching and either running or walking. You don’t need any equipment to do this but you can go to the gym if you want or buy the equipment for home but remember to be consistent. Take one day off a week from aerobis exercise but stay in the habit of exercise. You will tolerate adversity better as well as stay healthier.

Fuel Your Body
You would never put watered down fuel or inferior oil in a jet engine. Don’t do the same to your body. In order to be at your best you have to eat right. Eat nutrient dense whole foods. Watch your fat and sugar content and keep them low. Make a point to eat as fresh as possible. Stop buying processed crap.

Stay Educated
Just because you are out of school doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Keep reading. Read to get ahead, to stay current with technology, your industry, and read for fun. Entertaining your brain keeps you focused. It also keeps you from getting bored which is one of the leading causes of job burnout. If you have a goal of writing or creating your own business read all that you can on the subject. Go to thrift stores, Amazon, or search for free pdf’s online for the subject you need to research. Stop staring at the TV and focus.

Keep Things in Order
Always meet inspection. This does a lot when you train as you live. You won’t be distracted by clutter or material things. Keep your home and office streamlined and organized. When things get stressful or crazy you will still be able to focus on the task at hand. There won’t be any time wasted looking for things.

Whether in your personal life or your work you need to build a team to fight with you. Surround yourself with only the people you know will back you up. If you wouldn’t want to fight in combat with them chances are, you don’t need them cluttering up your life either. People aren’t perfect but choose wisely the ones that are your confidants, your mate, and your commander. Don’t work for people that are unethical and for that matter if you are the boss check your own practices to ensure that you are honorable. The ideal people are the ones that make an effort to balance work, home, and play. The foundation of a team is very important in life.

Do the Work
I can’t say this enough. You can’t succeed at training for anything if you don’t do the work. No one is going to do it for you. Dig in and decide what is the right thing to do. You know what is right. Just do it.

Sometimes it feels like life is one big battle. It doesn’t have to be but in order to be able to adapt to all that life brings it is optimal to always be ready to fight for your life. Don’t just accept things the way they are. Make a life. Don’t just endure one.

Culling the Herd

Clutter Control

Show me who you run with and I’ll show you who you are…

The last few years have afforded me the opportunity to cull the herd.
It sounds harsh. Maybe it is.

I started with my sister. I had tried to help her for years, tried to be tolerant, tried to understand. Then she made the mistake of hurting my children. Blatantly. Game over. My only regret is that it puts more strain on my father maybe. Maybe it would just build the drama fire higher. Hard to say. Either way, I’m not playing anymore. We are all adults, able to accept our own circumstances and do the work to deal with it. No one can do that for you. Some people ask if it bothers me. I’m not angry anymore. I rarely even think about her. There was never a warm and fuzzy bond to break quite frankly.

Then we moved to another state.

I left working in the ER behind with all of it’s dysfunctional personalities. I stay in touch with a select few. The ones that are loyal and don’t do drama are the ones that I hold up, encourage, and talk to. There aren’t very many.

*The friend that I confronted about her drinking.
She stated she had no intention of giving up her wine. No groups for her or counselors either. She would think about cutting down. I guess that meant keeping just a gallon of wine in the house. The conversations with her had been about how busy she was for over two years. We somehow lost those meaningful ones about art, books, and spirit. I guess a gallon of wine does that to you.

*The drama Queens
I used to be able to overlook the drama. Then it somehow took root and it was like living in a soap opera. Sad that they made their own circumstances that sucked. Even sadder that of course they blamed it on everyone else. As I get older I tolerate drama even less than the year before. It’s not that I don’t love you girls. It’s just that I can’t take the freakin’ chaos that’s self-induced.

*The needy coworker
I felt sorry for you at first. Now I see that you are a self-proclaimed victim and you plan to make that your full time profession. I tried to help you see things differently. Trouble is that being the victim gets you too much attention. Maybe your mother never picked you up as a child. I can’t fix that.

* The former flame
I thought I could be friends with you in a totally platonic sense. I say this because whatever it was that put stars in my eyes when we met was just dust. You aren’t the man I thought you were. Actually, you aren’t even a good friend to me. I’ve caught you in lies and you were dumb enough to think that I would cheat with you. GAG. Obviously, you don’t really know me and I am happy not to know you anymore.

The ones that made the cull.

*The children
Somehow no matter how much I mess up they still love me. Maybe it’s because I am at least smart enough to recognize my mistakes and genuinely apologize once and move on. I would never abandon a child. Ever.

*The husband
He keeps me. We’ve worked hard at our relationship. Sometimes we are selfish or not mindful. Sometimes we don’t have enough time to do and say all the things we want to. Somehow it all works and we love.

*The college roommate
She’s crazy. There are days when she makes her own drama but there are many days when she listens to me, encourages me, and somehow tolerates my bitching and whining enough to remind me to pull up my boot straps.
I don’t know what I would do without her. We found each other on Facebook after many years of being lost. Now we do business together. We haven’t actually seen each other since 1989.

*The Traveler
I’ve got this nurse friend that still comes to see me. She posts pictures of her travels and is still the same old authentic person I met years ago on the run in the ER. I love that she is not afraid to live.

I’ll be 50 next year. I don’t have much time left on this earth. I have to make every one count that I can.

No Guts No Glory

Suck It Up!, Work

Everything that is worth having takes guts to get.
That image we all have that one day something will happen is a lie.
Life doesn’t just happen to us.
We have to make things happen.
This has been a harsh life lesson for me.
The old Marine always taught us that we’d have to work for everything.
I didn’t listen very well.
Instead I was off daydreaming about how Prince Charming would
whisk me off to ride horses into the sunset every day.
Never did I imagine me having to sweat, use my brain, or my back.

So many people want a safe little life that they are willing to settle.
They take less by working at a job they hate, for a boss that doesn’t see
their true worth, and they come home to a mediocre relationship that they
don’t have the energy to put any effort into.

Life is short.

One day I woke up and realized what I was missing.

I didn’t need more stuff or more money.

I was missing guts.

Never had I really taken any chances and jumped.
I played it safe working at a job in the medical field
that worked with raising children and didn’t interfere
with my spouse’s traveling schedule.
At times it was very rewarding but this
was a job that I didn’t take out of passion or
interest. I took it because I needed the money to live.
Nothing wrong with that but there was no glory either.

I found my guts.

Once in awhile the old man’s words come back to haunt me.
Growing up with the Old Marine was a lesson in endurance
and resilience. It made me tougher and realistic.
It’s not for the faint of heart.
My Dad rarely said things like “don’t do drugs”,
“don’t steal”, or “be honest.”
He never felt he had to say anything.
He assumed his children were smart enough
not to make the old man mad or disrespect him.
He often referred to people that did drugs or
took advantage of peoples as “pukes”.
Just his attitude and his disdain for the
people that didn’t live an upstanding life
was enough to deter us from going down that road.
If for some reason we didn’t get the message the
thought of the Old Marine finding out was cause
to freeze us on the spot. The old man has a short
fuse for bullshit. The beating would have been secondary
to the disappointment in his eyes. Enough said.

Back to the guts.

In order to find my guts I had to get over the fear
of imperfection. The Old Marine is also of German descent.
The perfectionist expectations almost killed us.
As an adult I had to get over worrying about making mistakes.
I might fail. My ambitions may not be realistic or ideal.
Having guts isn’t about perfection or what others will think.
It’s about having the courage to move forward and work
for that vision and the end result.
You can’t be afraid of falling down and quitting
is not an option.

How do you get guts?

*Do the research
Whatever it is that you want to do, make a point to do the research.
We live in an age that information is just seconds away.
Take the time to educate yourself no matter how silly it seems.

*Make it your own
If its business then find a way to specialize. Bring the spotlight to you.
If its personal make it fit your life. Weigh the pros and cons.

*Take action every day
Having guts means you take actions every day to reach your goal.
An object in motion stays in motion.
If you stop you might be frozen on that spot.
Then you run the risk of never receiving the glory.

*Be bold
Ask questions. Don’t be shy. Network. Take a chance.
You can be bold without being foolhardy.
Once you start talking to people, making plans,
or announce your intentions the rest gets easier.

*Stick to your Guns
Don’t let the naysayers deter you.
Put your head down and work for what you want.
You might fail. Most people do. The difference
between the successful and the others is
quitting. Get back up and work harder, smarter, and better.

*Learn the lesson
Learn from your mistakes. Look at them as opportunities.
Make the adjustments to your strategy and move onto the
next noteworthy goal. Always be willing to learn more.

*No Pain No Gain
Digging in and having the guts to do something won’t negate pain.
We as a society have an aversion to pain which gives it even more power.
Chances are, you will be uncomfortable. Your body might ache. The stress
might seem like it’s going to kill you. People may mock you.
Push on anyway. Be smarter and make moves to avoid unnecessary pain but
work through what you have to. It will only make you stronger.


Don’t let fear stop your dreams.

Be smart then jump.

Don’t start with cant.

please comment with your guts and glory stories. We’d love to hear your triumphs.

Don’t Start With Can’t

Goals, Suck It Up!

If your latest goal starts with the attitude that you can’t tolerate much pain, or you can’t do it alone you may just be doomed to fail from the beginning. Rose colored glasses are not suggested but if you base your goals on a foundation that is Specific, Measured, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound you can start with small steps to a great ending.

The Lost Art of Finishing

Exercise and Training, Routines, Work

I’m famous for starting something and not finishing it.
You name it and I’ve done it or rather started it.
The excitement of starting something new always draws me in.
This time I’ll go all the way.
This time I’ll become the ideal body, brain, talent, and won’t people be amazed.
Until I don’t have time.
Or I don’t have the energy.


Some people regret not pursuing something in life.

I regret not finishing.

There was that blanket I didn’t finish because it wasn’t perfect.
Then I joined the gym and didn’t follow through with my exercise plan.
I get a job and then get antsy because it’s not perfect.
I’d rather stay home and do nothing.

Sometimes I think that I purposely don’t finish things because I’m afraid that in the end they won’t be all that I had pictured or that after I’ve done all that work it won’t really matter as much as I thought.
No matter what my excuses are, I have to face the fact that not finishing says a lot about me.

Not finishing says:

I don’t keep my word.
I am not reliable.
I don’t believe in me.

What if I were to start something and actually finish it?

I came to a point in my life that I realized in order to have a good life I was going to have to do the work. This meant I’d have to put some effort into a lot of things. I needed to stop spinning my wheels and make some decisions.

This is how I started finishing.

*Don’t make too many changes at once. Pick the three most important and schedule them into life.

*Let go of all the crap that doesn’t matter. Your kids don’t have to do every sport, you don’t have to be involved in every project at work or say yes to everyone that asks a favor. Pick only the best.

*Stop self-destructive habits. Make healthy lifestyle choices. Find a diet that works instead of trying to starve yourself, enjoy exercise, and entertain your brain. Never let yourself get Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. Do the simple basics that keep your energy up and your blues away.

*Develop routines for time efficiency. The things you do everyday should have some routine so that you can expend your energy on your goals. These routines include storing items in the same place, always putting them back right after you use them, doing things in the same order, and scheduling household and personal maintenance so that you don’t have to mentally remind yourself to do them.Efficient routines allow you to have enough time to do something else that’s spontaneous and fulfilling like finishing.

*Use the Four Agreements
Be Impeccable with your word
Don’t take anything personally
Don’t make assumptions
Always do your best.

*PS Just do the work.

The Tough Diet


A few weeks ago I decided to get tough.
Enough of this business of overeating and being soft.
It was time to put in the effort and have some self-discipline.
After researching the latest news on heart health, avoiding the diseases of aging,
and losing weight I settled on adopting a plant-based diet.
It was the most extreme I thought I could get in the world of health.
They said I couldn’t do it was the other reason I made the choice.
Nothing like an adult dare to piss me off into doing something.
Adolescent but human nonetheless.
For years I have always swayed back to the low carb diet and with every
passing year I hate it more.
I have loved meat well enough.
In the past when I was young the pounds would magically fall off.
Now they don’t seem to get the protein memo.
This fact along with a real life story clinched a change for me.
I took care of a woman that had not one but two heart surgeries in the course of
a couple of months One morning as I was serving her breakfast she was literally
pissed that there wasn’t bacon on her plate. I was astounded. Was she that out
of touch with reality? Yes.
She still had her daughter bringing in fast food and couldn’t figure out
why she wasn’t getting better. She was finally well enough to send home but we
knew that we will see her again if she makes it that far.
It dawned on me that as I was critical of her I had overlooked myself.
I was still eating my bacon and other things that weren’t healthy.
I was still not taking care of my heart of my body.
Who the hell am I to judge her?

It made me look into heart healthy diets which took me to plant-based.
I watched documentaries, read books by experts, and made a plan.

I was going to be tough.

I would adapt or die.

What happened next surprised the living hell out of me.

It’s been easy.

Here I thought that such an extreme diet that went against the way I had been raised and isn’t
socially acceptable in most America would be the thing that finally proved how tough I am.
I am still shocked that it’s been so damn easy it’s just unreal.
I went with John McDougall’s Free Program. (No affliate links)
I don’t count calories.
I’ve saved money on food.
I keep it fairly simple for most meals and get creative on the weekends.
Last week I made sweet potato enchiladas that were to die for.
I’m never hungry.
I don’t feel deprived.
If I crave something I find the vegan alternative and keep it plant-based as possible.
I’m not even tempted to cheat.
I was freakin’ blown away.
Truth be known I’m sure it’s not for everyone.
I don’t find it necessary to convert anyone or preach about the dangers of animal products.
I just had to write about it because I never dreamed that healthy would be this fun or easy.
I was totally prepared to dig in and prove myself.
Now I am tasked with finding something else to prove myself.
Gee, maybe I’ll get my ass out of the chair and exercise.
What a concept.

Hack This! Things I Will Never Do Because I’m a Marine’s Daughter

Goals, Suck It Up!

DIY Hacks, Household Hacks? Life Hacks! Seriously? Since when did “hack” become such a great part of our vocabulary? Looking at the list of Free Books recently released on set me off on a rant.
It reminded me of all the things I will just never do because they don’t make sense for me.

1) I will never buy a book on becoming a minimalist.
Although I write about it plenty and read other people’s blogs on the subject I would never buy a book about it or buy a book on similar subjects by well-known minimalists. It’s minimalism, a lifestyle of having less stuff, less stress, and for me being frugal. Why the hell would I buy a book about it? It’s actually pretty self-explanatory. Get rid of the extra shit in your life, simplify your expenses and your career. Done. Pretty simple.

2) I’m never going to pay someone to clean up after me.
Not once a week, not a maid or a butler, or the neighbor lady. None of my business if you do it and at times it is tempting but I can’t do it. It goes against everything I was ever taught. Just do the work. If you keep things simple and straightforward it isn’t hard.

3) I’m never going to buy a car for status.
I don’t judge people by what they drive. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old pickup or a Cadillac but I’m never going to buy a car that shows I have money. All a car needs to do is to get me from point A to point B. I drive a reliable vehicle that I will have for at least 10 years.

4) I’m never going to make my own soap.
I like DIY for just about anything and I’m not afraid to do some work just to stick to the basics and save money but I won’t ever make my own soap. When pure castile soap is about $1.03 for the big bar I can’t find a good enough reason to stir up caustic materials carefully with goggles on. Nope. Never.

5) I’m never going to be the girlfriend.
I suck at female friendships. They piss me off. My best female friend I have ever kept is a former Marine and doesn’t do the typical girl bullshit. The girlfriends I do have understand that I don’t do the typical girly crap. I tried to co-host birthday parties, go shopping together, have lunch, and confide in them with my darkest secrets. The trouble is I have no patience for drama or lies. I get that from the old man. The few that have hung with me or the ones I don’t walk away from are the ones that don’t act helpless, fix things when they need to, and work for a living. Girls of any age are crazy. Yep, me too. Some of us just hide it better.

6) I couldn’t give a shit about fashion.
I do well enough not to attract the wrong kind of attention but I couldn’t care less about the latest fashion. My mother taught me the advantages of classic style and the older I get the better I get at it. I don’t do skirts anymore, truckloads of clothes, or tight jeans. It pisses me off that marketers take advantage of women’s insecurities to make them feel like they never get fashion right. They do this by constantly changing it. I took myself out of the mix a while back and am content with clean, classic, woman.

7) In spite of my tough talk, I make a point to be a positive person and strive for better on a daily basis. Although it’s easy to judge the outside I try not to assume anything about others based on what I see. I don’t tolerate people that complain about their life but don’t do anything to change it. My belief above all is that every situation can be changed whether by attitude or action.

So, you don’t need a hack. Become informed about whatever you think you need to make life even better. You don’t need to be better than others. Just be better than you were yesterday. There is only moving forward or falling back but there is never just staying the same.

That First Day Back at the Gym


It’s a day we all dread. You’ve let yourself get sucked into excuses. You’re too busy. It’s too early. A million excuses and then the day comes when you realize you have to get back at it. No more excuses. You push through those doors and take a deep breath. Unfamiliar faces greet you. Cold metal equipment seems unwelcoming and brutal just on site. You’ve got to do it. You made it this far. You step up to that treadmill. A few minutes into it you realize how bad you suck. It would be too embarrassing to quit now so you sweat and puff and push yourself. When you are done just want to get out of there.

Not everyone feels this way that first day back at the gym after a long hiatus but it is typical for many. There’s really no way around it other than a) don’t quit in the first place and b) suffer through it until it gets better. Here’s some advice for that first day.

1) Wear comfortable clothing

Squeezing into that compression gear that looked so great when you were there every day probably isn’t the thing to do. Suck it up and wear the baggy sweat pants with a plain tee shirt. You won’t be so self conscious and you’ll remember you are there to work hard not impress people. Don’t buy new shoes. Wear your old ones for a couple of weeks until you are back on track. There’s nothing worse than suffering through a workout and developing blisters in the same day.

2) Go Alone

It’s nice that your buddy wants to go with you but seriously the danger of that is you may both talk each other out of working hard. Misery loves company and there have been many times that the good intention of consoling each other turns into excuses for quitting early. Go alone for the first few weeks and just concentrate on working hard, pushing through, and sucking it up. You don’t need any distractions. If you go alone you have a better chance of succeeding.

3) Stay Focused

Walk through the door. Sign in. Put your head phones on. Step up to the cardio equipment. Do the work. Don’t talk to other people. Put the cell phone away. Don’t fidget with your clothing or gear. Just decide to get it done. It’s pretty simple.

4) Don’t compare yourself to others

There’s a huge temptation to look around the gym and compare yourself to others. Human nature makes us check out the competition. We are most likely to pick the most fit person in the room to compare ourselves to. If you do this the first day you are setting yourself up for failure. Your mind will play tricks on you and tell you that you’ll never make it. Why try? Remember that the only competition should be yourself for the moment. You can get competitive later on. Right now you are here to do a job and that is to lay the foundation for better health. You don’t need to be pretty. You don’t need to have the best body. At the end of the day you just want to be able to say that you accomplished your goals and you didn’t quit.

5) Make a plan before you go

Chances are you have a pretty good idea of how back you are going to suck the first day back at the gym. You know that you aren’t your ideal weight, body mass, or muscle mass. You know that you are going to get winded. Before you go, write down a reasonable goal to work towards. 30 minutes on the treadmill, an upper body workout and x amount of sit-ups is pretty reasonable for anyone. From this you can judge what your future goals should be. Always have a workout plan before you go to the gym and keep a workout log so that you can look back and see where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. It’s also helpful if you get off track to use the log to estimate your goals. Of course if you use a log and a goal plan on a regular basis you probably are less likely to be in the situation of that sucky first day back at the gym.

6) Get enough sleep the night before

We advocate early morning workouts because you are less likely to have an excuse not to skip a workout if you get it done first thing in the morning. Even if you don’t buy into this theory or you have to work out at a later time it is still important to get enough sleep. This is true for any training situation. A big part of getting fit is the valuable recovery time. If you go full tilt and don’t get enough rest your chances of burning out fast and losing muscle are increased. Turn out the lights.

7) Know that you can only go up from here

When you are on that elliptical every muscle is aching, and you can’t catch your breath, know that it can only get better from here. You have to do the work. I repeat. YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK. There’s no magic pill or secret to getting back to fit. You are either constantly moving forward or sliding back but there is no just maintaining without any effort. Sorry folks that’s just for the story books. You put in your time every day or every other day and it becomes a habit. Next thing you know you feel better and you’ve made progress. There are no shortcuts.

8) Just suck it up

Seriously there is no one that is really going to hold your hand through this first day or any day. Even if you hire a trainer, a good trainer, they can’t make you feel better. You’ve done this to yourself. There’s no way to sugarcoat that . Now you have to pay the price. The longer you’ve been away, the higher the price and the longer it will take to get back on track.. Suck it up. How bad do you want this? How much are you worth? Stop whining and feeling sorry for yourself. Just do the work.

There are all kinds of obstacles in life. Most of them we build ourselves. You have to have a Marine mentality to be able to deal with adversity. Adapt or die. You have a choice. You can either accept the consequences of your actions and take steps asap to correct your mistakes or you can blame everyone and everything else, make excuses, and lay down and give up. Giving up creates a lot of unnecessary misery. You aren’t always going to be comfortable but you can sacrifice from the start and have something to show for it or you can still be uncomfortable and have little accomplished. Anything that is worth having take effort. The things that come easy slip away and have much less meaning. Which do you choose?

Keep Your Eyes Open


There are things we don’t want to see. It’s too painful or we don’t want to get involved. It may be conscious or not. There’s a difference between keeping your eyes on the path to keep going the right way and the way we purposely don’t look around as if it will keep us from getting pulled into the chaos around us.

Keep your eyes open.
Don’t miss the opportunity that comes your way. See the sabotage before it takes hold. Always be aware of your surroundings not just what’s ahead.